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Are you a writer?

We will produce your web sketch

About Web Writers' Lab

Have scripts been your forte, but never really got the chance to showcase it? We all know how essential it is to the art of making a good web video. With the growing community of writers in country and the scarcity of good writers trained for web, we realized that it is very important to erect a platform where the industry professionals could come and work with you on your scripts.

India Film Project, along with the amazing team of FilterCopy introduces the Web Writers' Lab. The lab has been designed to take you and your script (for a web sketch) through a formal process of screenwriting, making it adaptive to viewers, giving you an opportunity to learn the skills which are essential to screenwriting for web. What more? We will even produce the final scripts in to a web sketch.


Join + Write + Learn + Give to web = Web Writers' lab 

We will produce your Script!

YES, you heard it right!! Once you submit your scripts, our team will curate and shortlist the 20 scripts who get a chance to attend a one-day workshop with writers of FilterCopy at their HQ, Mumbai. At the end of it, five scripts will be shortlisted for a five day scriptwriting lab at Mumbai (While we take care of your travel and stay!). The emphasis will be on fine-tuning the scripts so that they can be produced into individual sketches by FilterCopy.

What's in it for you

An exclusive one day Workshop in Mumbai focusing on nuances of writing for web and mentorship on your script by creative team of FilterCopy for shortlisted 20 writers.

The selected five finalists will get a chance to travel to FilterCopy HQ at Mumbai and work with their writers and creative team - to make your script pitch perfect for rolling into a sketch. What more! FilterCopy will produce your scripts into full fledged sketches.


Before writing your script, read the rules to make sure you are aligned with our thoughts.

Watch the Finalist Video

Narinder Singh, an accountant from Delhi, submitted his script 'Certificate of Nationalism'. The script was finalist at the first edition of Web Writers' Lab and produced in to a web sketch by team at Filter Copy.

Meet the Shortlisted Writers

From over hundreds of scripts submitted to lab, here are the five people who made it to the lab.


In case of any query, please feel free to reach us out on 9727299070 or