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Narinder Singh, an accountant from Delhi, submitted his script 'Certificate of Nationalism'. The script was finalist at the first edition of Web Writers' Lab and produced in to a web sketch by team at Filter Copy.

The Finalists

Script: An I for an I Makes the Audience Blind

This sketch is a re-telling of the Padmavati incident and through it aspires to deliver a social

commentary of where we are as a society in nurturing good films and filmmakers.

Aniket Pathak, Pune

He started off his career by failing or falling out of all the different kinds of jobs that he

landed up in. These failures freed him up to explore the world of filmmaking, towards which

he felt a sense of belonging. At present, He works as a Creative Director for a video production company In the all-encompassing world of cinema, writing is the strength he falls

back to and directing is the aspiration he pursues.

Script – Government Got Talent (GGT)

GGT is satirical spoof of our government system. A unique reality show where for the first

time ever, people will showcase their talent to become the head of the governing body of India.

Anupama Sirsalewala, Mumbai

She dabbles in advertising for a living. She loves writing short films, stories and poems but

cinema is her life. She eats, sleeps, breathes, walks and talks movies. Her biggest

achievement in life is watching DDLJ more than 25 times and loving it each time. She wants

to make a movie that remains as eternal.

Script: Fatte Famous

Fatte Famous is the story of an exceptionally beautiful fat girl on an eventful diet-day, when a

cake talks her into eating it, which leads her to revisit all her struggles in the pursuit of

leanness and fame.

Sagar Sahu, Bhopal

Sagar hails from the village Kansabel of district Jashpur, in Chhattisgarh. An alumnus of

TISS, he currently works against sex-trafficking in rural Madhya Pradesh, and aspires to tell

stories across all the platforms in the future.

Script: Bollywood's First Feminist Rap song

What if instead of rapping about a girl's butt for the umpteenth time, Indian rappers wrote a

diss track about patriarchy, sexism, and other women's issues? It is the rap song our world, and our women deserve.

Uddhav Parab, Thane

Ever since he was a child, he was drawn to words like moths to fire. Except he didn’t get

burnt to a crisp. Uddhav works as a Copywriter at Saavn, where he hones his football skills,

torments his colleagues with Dad jokes, and writes some cool ads and audio shows. His photographs have been featured in Mumbai Mirror and Hindustan Times, but he's not #InstaFamous yet. He loves movies, reading, running, and observing people. Writing about

himself in the third person makes him giddy.

Script: Certificate of Nationalism

Story about Middle Class Ramesh who tries hard to receive Certificate for his son’s

admission from Deshbhakti Registration Centre, swinging in constant dilemma between

Honesty and Pragmatism.

Narinder Singh, Delhi

He is very passionate about his writing skills. “Once upon a time in Mumbai” puts great

impact on him. He is Sikh (Punjabi) and 25 years old. Currently he is working in CA Firm as an Accountant in New Delhi. Writing is his Passion, always believing in original content. He writes stories and songs in Hindi & Punjabi.

Following scripts had been shortlisted for the Workshop

  1. The Invitation, by Snigdha Sahoo, Kolkata
  2. Choosing Which Phone to Buy, by Parakh Jindal, Mumbai
  3. India’s Best Government Employee Ki Khoj, by Anupama Sirsalewala, Mumbai
  4. A Candid Conversation, by Dipankar Sarkar, Mumbai
  5. Fatte Famous, by Sagar S, Bhopal
  6. The Lock, by Pallavi Priyamvada, Mumbai
  7. Certificate of Nationalism, by Narinder Singh, New Delhi
  8. If All Indians Were Secular, Liberal, Feminist, Human, and Just Good Indians, by Uddhav Parab, Thane
  9. Cooked Up, by Praveen Yadav, Jaipur
  10. Bigg Boss Self-Help Group, by Biswas Timshina, Mumbai
  11. Maa CineMaa, by Soumitra Vatsal, Gurgaon
  12. If Politicians were food delivery boys, by Mohammed Sadriwala, Mumbai
  13. What if but, by Sharada Sakhuja, Mumbai
  14. GST Coaching Center, by Gaurav Nigam, Bangalore
  15. The Gift-Wrapped Coffin, by Raj Vasant, Mumbai
  16. Sheldon Wears the suit, by Siddharth Samvedi, Bareilly
  17. Sacchi!, by Sohit Khanna, Mumbai
  18. Social-E-Aazam, by Himanshu Singh, New Delhi
  19. Gugal Ko sab pata hai, by Aditya Yadav, Mumbai
  20. Pyaar 1960, by Vivek Khanna, Goa
  21. An I For an I Makes the Audience Blind, by Aniket Pathak, Pune

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